Actor Bios

Brandon Jacobs - Willow


Brandon Jacobs is most widely known as the Super Bowl winning New York Giants star running back. His retirement from the NFL for Brandon has been anything but relaxing. Brandon has been pushing a number of endorsement deals and energy drinks as well as delving into the world of acting. Brandon shines in his first full feature theatrical release playing villain Willow.

Twitter ID : @gatorboyrb


Jefferson Sanders - Justice


Jefferson Shimoyama Sanders is an actor and fitness model. He is best know for his work on Person Of Interest and Boardwalk Empire.
He has most recently completes “The Grievance Group, Take 2:The Audition with multiple feature films that are currently in production.

Twitter ID : @blaclalane


Gina Marie Scholl - Case


Perusing any career unrelated to the entertainment industry was never a thought for Gina Marie Scholl. Years of dance and cheer helped her land a job with a professional dance squad fresh out of high school. Photographers instantly took notice of the Italian-American beauty. Portfolio spec shoots led to various modeling jobs. After her work on the modeling based miniseries “Clickers and Chickers”, she landed the role of CASE in the three-part film “The Grievance Group.”


Chris Cardillo - Shackles


Chris started his entertainment career as a recording artist. He was asked by music producer Rob Hawk to read for a small part in an independent film. The test scenes where posted online and received a great amount of positive feedback from industry professionals. As a result, he was offered a lead role in “The Grievance Group” and also asked to co-write the script. He then completed three independent films with Rob before being cast in, “The Mint,” a film featuring singing sensations Kristinia DeBarge and MTV’s Jenni JWoww Farley

Twitter ID : @GI_Cardillo


Ignacyo Matynia - Gavel


Ignacyo Mateusz Matynia was born in a small town near Krakow Poland on May 29, 1992. His family moved to the United States in 1995. He attended SUNY Albany, majoring in Biology while taking theatre and film classes. He transferred his last year back to Brooklyn in order to continue attending school, while also attending acting courses under the eye of John Pallota. Ignacyo has acted in many student films for many schools and universities such as NYU, Columbia, The New York Film Academy.

Twitter ID : @TheREALIgnacyo


Cabrina Collesides - Hunter


Hailing from upstate New York, Cabrina is a full-time model and actress. She currently plays the lead role in three films that are set to release this summer. If acting isn’t keeping her busy enough, she is also polishing up her first novel.

Twitter ID : @Cabrina11


Doug Pickard - Marshall


This is the first movie Douglas Pickard has performed in. Although new to being an actor Douglas quickly adjusted and was a natural in front of the camera. His personality made him a pleasure to work with behind the scenes and he was always able to get serious when the cameras started to roll. Douglas definitely has a future in being an actor.


Natalie Foxhill

Natalie Foxhill

Natalie Foxhill is a professional artist with over 18 years experience, working in the film and entertainment industry focusing on makeup, prosthetics, set design and special FX. She also had an extensive 10 year modeling career and has been acting since 2011. Natalie is also an accomplished web developer, graphic designer and interior designer. She enjoys playing various instruments, gardening and painting.

Twitter ID : @NatalieFoxhill




Born and raised in the New Jersey area. Rob ventured into the entertainment business as a hip hop artist and break dancer at the early age of 10 years old. After a standing ovation at his middle school talent show, Rob realized that the entertainment industry might just be his calling. As the years passed he would travel the world producing music with talent from underground to celebrity artists. It was in 2007 that he decided to venture into something a little more challenging. Writing, shooting, directing, and editing movies. Today , the name Rob Hawk is quickly becoming a more familiar sound to the industry as he continues his journey with several film titles set to release world-wide, with many more already in development.