Character Bios



Real name is Travis Cole. He is the founder / leader of the group. After his son was killed by thugs on the street, he founded the group. He wanted to help others with their grievance, but also secretly dreamed of finding his perfect team to help track down the killer so justice can be served.

*JUSTICE ( for Justice for all ! )




Real name is Naomi Pearce. She is one tough chick. She loves knives. She’s the kind of girl that will have no problem knocking out even the biggest of guys. She has no fear. Some would call her a head-case. Ever since her brother was killed, the world became her enemy. Everyone is guilty as far as she is concerned. In this particular group, she is given the name of:





Real name is Jake Kepper. He comes from a strong military background. After four years in the military he was released after his frequent flashbacks would cause him to blackout and lose focus for about 15-20 minutes. The military declared him as sick, and unfit for duty. One evening after he came home from a 7 month trip to Afghanistan, he learned that his girlfriend had gone missing. Hence the reason she didn’t answer his calls for the last 3 months of his station overseas. No one wanted to tell him and make him worry; they didn’t know what to tell him. Two months later, after the police still had no clues; he was called to duty once again. When he returned to the military they told him to take a leave of absence and grieve. He insisted he was okay, but he wasn’t. Now he’s back home, armed, and looking for closure; he turns to a grievance group.

*GAVEL (A judge’s gavel is used when the final decision is made)




Real name is Kevin Du​nkster​. He was a very successful business man. He’s divorced and raises his daughter alone. He became very unstable and psychotic at times after his daughter was murdered. His irrational actions, and random bi-polar moments, will frighten anyone around him. You would say at times he needs to be in restraints in a mental facility. The group named him:

*SHACKLES (for Handcuffs / Restraints)




Real name is Sky Saden. Her father was killed when she was just 3 years old. He was a detective who worked deep undercover. She lay under the bed and witnessed the entire murder. She was handed over to her grandparents to take care of her. She never knew her mother. Her mother left her father and was never heard from again. When she was 16, she just could not cope with the nightmares anymore knowing that her father’s murderer was out there still. She was always in fear of her life wondering if they were coming back for her. She became obsessed with the case. Memories finally started becoming clearer in her head. She withheld info from the police as she wanted to crack the case herself. She opened her own investigation firm with one of her closest friends KARA. As bounty hunters, they worked day and night gathering clues and trying to make sense of her memories. They we closing in on the murderer; only they found out, there was more people involved. The group named her

*HUNTER ( for Bounty Hunter )


Marshall Warden

​​​​​Marshall & Warden

Gabriel & Geo Palermo, widely known as the Palmero Bothers. Their father had huge ties with the MOB essentially being the result of his death. The boys were sent into protective custody for 5 years as the police feared for their safety. The story went world-wide. They believe the father was killed over a situation that went sour within the MOB. The boys know a lot more about the case then they told the police. They were afraid to say anything to anyone. For the past 5 years while in custody they planned on resolving the situation themselves. Geo became infatuated with computers, booby traps, and electronic gadgets. He felt this was going to be a big necessity for tackling the impossible mission with his brother. Gabriel (left in photo) has never spoken a word since. He communicates with GEO (right in photo) through simple nods and sign language. There’s only one way he is ever going to talk again- closure.




Real name is Dawson Levy. She’s the youngest of the group and very immature. She acts before she thinks, and it always gets her in trouble. She grew up as a foster child and re-united with her brother when she was just 13 years old. Her brother turned up dead just four weeks ago. The only family she ever had is gone. Since it’s such a fresh case, the group decides to take this one on first before the murderer has time to bunker down somewhere or flee the country. She doesn’t listen to reason and lives her life her own way. That being, the group named her:

*LIBERTY (the power or scope to act as one pleases)​


Detective Casey

​​​​​​​Detective Casey

Served 12 years on the Gloucester Township Police Force before she was promoted to detective. She is the only female on the force and fully dedicates her life to her career. “Casey” lives alone with her dog as her only companion. She feels a relationship will be too time-consuming and she’s not interested in anything or anyone besides solving crime. Her partner is Detective Casper who is on the brink of retirement. He’s keeping a close eye on her performance with the hopes he can retire knowing the department is left in good hands. With intense rookie energy and no distractions in her life, Casey is proving herself beyond measure.


Detective Casper

​​​​​​​​Detective Casper

​Close to retirement, Detective Casper gets a case that’s too big to turn down. With his new partner Detective Casey, he feels confident that this last case will end with a bang. He’s served 20 years on the force and is ready to move on knowing his partner will do just fine without him, but this case is something he needs to finish by her side. He has her future weighing on his shoulders knowing full well that she needs a good case and a good partner to move up in the force.




A mass murderer wanted for the murders of 15 soldiers. Over the years he’s manages to form a country within a country that he alone governs. He has a very powerful army at his command. He will protect his country at ALL COSTS.​